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My name is Luis Torcida and I am an architect and ABO Studio designer.
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My Story

Abo is the name of my brand, but it is also what I used to call my grandfather when I was a child.


As I became a grandfather myself, my grandchildren started calling me Abo as well.


My Abo taught me the joy of building things with my own hands, creating stuff using my imagination, and a lot of tools he had available for me to construct whatever object I imagined. Later in life, I became an Architect and my passion for design was my companion during my whole career.


I created Abo Furniture Studio to share my vision that a great and simple furniture piece should not only be comfortable and useful but most important, aesthetically pleasant.


Good design, natural wood, noble materials, and traditional craftsmanship combine flawlessly into each of the original pieces we produce. We are proud to have all of our products designed and built in the USA.


At Abo Furniture we truly believe that our pieces are to be enjoyed.

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